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[hylafax-users] FaxGetty issues - it's just not answering!

Hi all,

I have successfully set up a Multitech ISI5634PCI 8-port PCI modem on our
machine. I can talk to it using minicom, and it seems to work happily
enough. I am currently only using one of my ports (although I previously set
up all eight and the same messages appeared), ttyM1a.

I installed hylafax, having followed the online documentation (it starts:
"Server Setup and Basic Configuration"). I have ran faxsetup and
faxaddmodem, and hylafax is starting from /etc/rc.d/init.d/hylafax {start |
stop}. It spawns one faxgetty process, but does not add any output to
/var/log/messages (even when I send a fax to it: the phone rings, but
nothing happens in /var/log/messages).

If I kill the currently running faxgetty process (loaded automatically on
startup by hylafax)...

[root@fax nrm]# ps ax
<snip />
787 ?        S      0:00 /usr/local/sbin/faxgetty ttyM1a
<snip />

[root@fax nrm]# kill -9 787

... then the output from /var/log/messages reads (with ServerTracing set to

[root@fax nrm]# tail -f /var/log/messages
Jun 10 10:14:29 fax FaxGetty[791]: OPEN /dev/ttyM1a  HylaFAX (tm) Version
Jun 10 10:14:39 fax FaxGetty[791]: MODEM MTS ISI5634PCI/s052099fV

NB: I didn't want to send the whole script (with servertracing set to 0xFFF)
to you - it's big, so I have uploaded it onto my personal webspace. Please
check the following URL or give us an e-mail request for it. There are no
errors reported in the long script.


My configuration file config.ttyM1a reads:

# Generic Class 2 modem configuration.
CountryCode:            44
AreaCode:               1482
FAXNumber:              +44.1482.809163
LongDistancePrefix:     0
InternationalPrefix:    011
DialStringRules:        etc/dialrules
ServerTracing:          0xFFF
SessionTracing:         11
RecvFileMode:           0600
LogFileMode:            0600
DeviceMode:             0600
RingsBeforeAnswer:      1
SpeakerVolume:          off
GettyArgs:              "-h %l dx_%s"
LocalIdentifier:        "NothingSetup"
TagLineFont:            etc/lutRS18.pcf
TagLineFormat:          "From %%l|%c|Page %%P of %%T"
MaxRecvPages:           25
# Modem-related stuff: should reflect modem command interface
# and hardware connection/cabling (e.g. flow control).
ModemType:              Class2          # use this to supply a hint
#ModemRate:             19200           # max rate for DCE-DTE communication
#ModemFlowControl:      xonxoff         # XON/XOFF flow control assumed
#ModemSetupDTRCmd:      AT&D2           # setup so DTR drop resets modem
#ModemSetupDCDCmd:      AT&C1           # setup so DCD reflects carrier (or
<snip - lots of commented stuff>
# Configuration parameters for Class 2 modems.
Class2Cmd:              AT+FCLASS=2     # command to enter class 2
Class2BORCmd:           AT+FBOR=0       # bit order for phase B/C/D (direct)
Class2RELCmd:           AT+FREL=1       # byte-align EOL codes on recv
Class2CQCmd:            ""              # commands to enable copy quality
Class2AbortCmd:         AT+FK           # abort session command
Class2CQQueryCmd:       AT+FCQ=?        # query for copy quality
Class2DCCQueryCmd:      AT+FDCC=?       # query for modem capabilities
Class2TBCCmd:           AT+FTBC=0       # setup stream mode
Class2CRCmd:            AT+FCR=1        # enable capability to receive
Class2PHCTOCmd:         AT+FPHCTO=30    # set phase C timeout parameter
Class2BUGCmd:           AT+FBUG=1       # enable HDLC frame tracing
Class2LIDCmd:           AT+FLID         # set local identifier command
Class2DCCCmd:           AT+FDCC         # set modem capabilities command
Class2DISCmd:           AT+FDIS         # set session parameters command
Class2DDISCmd:          ""              # disable pre-dial DIS command hack
Class2CIGCmd:           AT+FCIG         # set polling identifier command
Class2PTSCmd:           AT+FPTS         # set post-page status command
Class2SPLCmd:           AT+FSPL         # set polling indicator command
# If Class2RecvDataTrigger is not set, then it is set to DC1
Class2RecvDataTrigger:  ""              # character sent to modem to start
Class2XmitWaitForXON:   yes             # if true, wait for XON before send

Any help would be much appreciated, many thanks.

Adrian Hill
Web Developer

"All Gods are homemade, and it is we who pull their strings,
and so give them the power to pull ours." - Aldous Huxley

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