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Re: [hylafax-users] USR PCI Modems

On 2002.06.12 09:14 Blair McKay wrote:

> I seem to be having difficulty with U.S. Robotics 56K PCI (model #5610b)
> modems.

> I think the longest amount of time the machine has gone unhindered is
> about
> 3 days.

> I'm just curious if others have seen this behavior, had any luck
> overcoming
> it, or could recommend a decent PCI (no isa slots on the motherboard)
> based
> modem with an onboard controller and DSP compatible with FreeBSD, as I am
> not impressed with the USR's right now.

I have used USR/3Com 3CP5610, 3CP5610A, and 3CP5610B modles with HylaFAX.  
I have experienced some of the problems you describe.  A lot of the 
problems have been resolved by fixes in the HylaFAX Class 1 protocol over 
the past two years, however I still get occasional "wedged modem" from 

I am unable to figure out what the "wedged modem" problem is because every 
time I turn my ServerTracing up to 0xFFF the problem goes away 
indefinitely.  And that itself is, honestly, quite bizarre.

So, when I have these problems with a USR 5610 (which is not with every 
modem) I stupidly turn ServerTracing to 0xFFF, and I haven't been able to 
determine the problem exactly.  I can say however, that this problem seems 
isolated to the USR 5610 series, as I do not see it exhibited by any other 
modem.  (How hardware can be influenced by logging levels I can't guess.)

I'm disappointed with these modems in general.  These problems are 
annoying, but I seem to have found a workaround.  The more disappointing 
part is that 3Com/USR does not make them "flash" upgradable for the 
firmware.  So, if a problem with the firmware is found... goodbye modem.  
If you're looking for a good PCI faxmodem I would recommend the MultiTech 
MT5634ZPX-PCI-V92.  I use the non-V92 and ZBA versions extensively, and 
they're wonderful.


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