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[hylafax-users] Understanding users & permission with hylafax.


I'm having I real though time understanding how permissions and users work under
hylafax. First of all I would like to know if by default faxadduser
writes only to hosts.hfaxd? (I presume so because when modifying it the
auth meccanism changes)

Lets say I want all my clients (192.168.0.*) of my local network to be able to send
jobs to the server ( only if they login with username
'fax_user' and passwd 'gogogo' (added with "faxadduser -p gogogo fax_user").
Then I would like the admin to be able to do faxrm things. So I added
"faxadduser -a gogogo2 fax_admin".
The hosts.hfaxd should be like this??


This hosts.hfaxd file I have lets me kill jobs only through Richard
Lippmann ftp method I found in the ML archievs. If I try 'faxrm -a 12''
I get a 530 auth error saying no valid passwd. Why does it work via ftp
and not through plain shell faxrm command?

The 192\.168\.0\. (or 192.168.0.*) line should grant access also to localhost (hylafax
server achine) but doesn't seem so..... Only if I put can I get access. That's
I would like an easy to use fax server but at the same time secure. I
don't want people connecting to my 4559 port and sending faxes to my
machine thus relaying them maybe with international calls. Would a
firewall rule be enough enabling connections to port 4559 only if they
come from 192.168.0.*? And what happens if someone logs in form internet
with IP Is hylafax secure by this point of view?
                 Antonio Gennarini
                Crecchio, CH - ITALY
Earth Science student at University "G. D'Annunzio".
     Join th GNU generation, start from LINUX.

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