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[hylafax-users] Making modem "down" for a period of a time under dual-modem system/ Broadcasting

Greetings fellow Hylafax Users,

I am running 3 systems with Hylafax, one is used to send faxes from our 
office, second system is setup to recieve only and the third system was 
configured for broadcasting. The broadcasting system is running:

OS: FreeBSD 4.6
Modems: cuaa0 - USR Courier V.Everything(external)
        cuaa1 - USR Internal PCI HARDWARE MODEM!!!
Hylafax: 4.1.2

cuaa1 is located on voice line which is used during the day, however I want 
to use it during the night(12am-8am) to do broadcasting. It seems TimeOfDay 
option can only be applied to ALL modems not just one modem:(
I tried using faxquit and faxstate but that did not work. It just keeps 
sending. I  executed "faxstate -n -s down cuaa1" or "faxstate -s down cuaa1" 
with no results. The only lame solution I could come up with is to use cron 
to kill all hylafax proccesses, remove the config.cuaa1 file from /etc/ and 
modify /etc/ttys. Restart Hylafax & ttys. Then 8 hours later reverse the 

Basically I have 2 questions?

1)How can I kill a modem from becoming available to Hylafax either 
permanently(so I can use cron to restore it) without killing the Hylafax 
proccesses or on a timebase(e.g. TimeofDay)?

2)What is the difference in faxstate between "busy" and "down"
and what would I troubleshoot to make the command work?

The solution I want to share below was kind of eliminated by kind Dimitry 
Ketov who made a patch(http://www.hylafax.org/archive/2002-03/msg00568.php) 
for broadcasting.
Here is a script I wrote to help me with broadcasting, lets call it 
broadcast.sh. To use execute the script execute cat faxnumbers.txt | sh 
broadcast.sh. The "lt 20" means how many # to submit at a time.

while [ $e -ne 1 ] ; do
while [ $y -lt 20 ]; do
read numbr || { e=1; y=9999999; }
[ $e -ne 1 ] && x="-d $numbr $x"
y=$(( $y + 1 ))
echo "$x"
sendfax -k "now +168 hours" -T 4 -n -N $x fax.tif


Vitaly Martiniuk


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