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[hylafax-users] Error when doing "make install"


When trying to compile/install HylaFAX 4.1.2 on my RH7.3 system I get this 

make[1]: Entering directory `/var/tmp/hylafax-4.1.2/util'
/usr/bin/g++                              -D__ANSI_CPP__ -I. -I.. 
 -I.././regex -I.././util -I.././util -I/usr/local/include -g -O  -c 
Class2Params.c++: In method `void Class2Params::setFromDIS (unsigned
int, unsigned int)':
Class2Params.c++:251: Unrecognizable insn:
(insn 176 175 137 (set (reg:SI 72)
       (if_then_else:SI (eq (reg:CCZ 17 flags)
               (const_int 0 [0x0]))
           (mem/u/f:SI (symbol_ref:SI ("EC_DISABLE")) 0)
           (mem/u/f:SI (symbol_ref:SI ("EC_ENABLE")) 0))) -1 (insn_list 175 
   (expr_list:REG_DEAD (reg:CCZ 17 flags)
Class2Params.c++:251: confused by earlier errors, bailing out 

Any idea on how I solve this ? 



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