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Re: [hylafax-users] How to interrupt outgoing call after 4 rings?

Hi Lee.

I'm sending lots of faxes and my point is to increase fax rate as much as it possible. I'm wondering
about to decrease time which my modem waits for carrier from remote one before hang up with error
"No carrier detected". Here is a piece of logfile:

Jun 23 09:18:29.96: [ 6571]: DIAL 4444444444
Jun 23 09:18:29.96: [ 6571]: <-- [19:ATDT*67W4444444444\r]
Jun 23 09:19:38.85: [ 6571]: --> [10:NO CARRIER]
Jun 23 09:19:38.85: [ 6571]: SEND FAILED: JOB 13983 DEST 444-444-4444 ERR No carrier detected

Modem spent more than 1 min to obtain error "SEND FAILED". I feel it waits for 10 (or maybe more)
rings. But I'd like to reduce this number to 4 so decrease error job time.

Best regards,

> On 2002.06.22 19:10 Vlad Shalamov wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > Is it possible to setup that modem will wait 4 rings then interrupt call
> > when sending a fax.
> I do not understand.  You only want to let the modem wait for the period
> of 4 rings before hanging up an attempted call?  If so, see FaxT1Timer in
> 'man hylafax-config'.
> > Hylafax 4.1.2, Linux RH7.3, RocketModem II faxboard.
> Would you mind sending probemodem output for this modem?  Thanks.
> Lee.

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