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Re: [hylafax-users] fax broadcasting with Hylafax

On Mon, 24 Jun 2002 14:01:30 -0400, "Vlad Shalamov" <shalamov@sympatico.ca>

>Also I changed bin/ps2fax so it always generates tiif32d (device=tiffg32d).
I wouldn't do it.
The format of the file is also dependent on the remote capabilities.
Leave it as is, the only thing you can do, if you may wait more than 30 days
before refaxing to the same faxno, is to change the cron script which calls
faxcron so that info/* files are kept for more than 30 (default days) so
that HylaFAX will use tiffg32d whenever possible.

>My questions are: "Is it anything else I can change in order to increase fax
You can use bulk priority so that the scheduling is changed to try all jobs
before retrying the failed ones; this would alleviate the need for

Also, if you can buy new hardware (or if you current hardware supports it),
see recent posts by Lee about 33k (as opposed to "normal" 14.4k) fax
transmission with new MultiTech modems, this requires new cvs code.


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