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Re: [hylafax-users] special settings for jobs sent by mail

On Tue, 25 Jun 2002 16:03:03 -0400, "Vlad Shalamov" <shalamov@sympatico.ca>

>My question is about regular faxes. We are using mail2fax method in order to
>send regular faxes. And we need that it'll be delivered because of we know
>that remote faxmachine exists for sure. But everything can happen and
>perhaps 2 tries are not enough. Is it possible to setup
>MaxTries/MaxDials/NoCarrierRetrys for email-to-fax gateway different from
>"default" ones.
>Or is it possible to setup these parameters for particular modem and then
>ask Hylafax to send all jobs came by email via that particular modem.
>Is it possible to solve this problem in general?

you have to look at hylafax-config and sendfax man pages to see what can be
customized "by modem" and what "by user/client" (faxmail is just another

For instance, hylafax.config says maxtries and maxdials cannot be put into
etc/config.<devid>, but into etc/config only, this would prevent "by modem";
however "sendfax" says clients can set those values  with -t and -T so you
can use -t and -T for bulk faxing.
OTOH nocarrierretries cannot be set by clients, but it can be put into
etc/config.<devid>, and clients (bulk or faxmail) can select modem by "-h
..", so ...

Start playing with them with "-a <future>" and look into sendq/qXXXX to see
what's the outcome.


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