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[hylafax-users] setting up smbfax fax queue:

Greetings, I'm trying to set up a fax queue in Red Hat Linux using
printconf-tui.  I looked at the smbfax HOWTO but it didn't make sense as per
my distro.  The readme says to put a entry in my smb.conf file like this:
     comment = OTC Fax Printer
     path = /tmp
     lpq command = /usr/local/smbfax/smbfax show
     lprm command = /usr/local/smbfax/smbfax dequeue %j
     print command = /usr/local/smbfax/smbfax -r queue %u %s
     queuepause command = /bin/true
     queueresume command = /bin/true
     postscript = true
     browseable = yes
     printable = yes
     writable = no
     create mode = 0700
     printing = lprng

But, my distro doesn't look like that.  I'm running samba-2.2.1a-4 on RH 7.2

Seems that I can't put printer entries directly into the smb.conf file
because it's looking for a file called printcap.  Well, when I vi the
printcap, I get a warning:
# This file is autogenerated by printconf-backend during lpd init.
# Hand edited changes can be put in /etc/printcap.local, and will be

Well, when I use printconf-tui this is what the entry in printcap looks

I'm really confused now.  The two do not even look the same.  Any
suggestions out there on how to set up smbfax with this version of RH and
smb?  Thanks!!!

Joe W. Guy, Jr.
Information Systems Manager
MCP, A+, Network+
AMH Credit Union
205.556.8860 Ext.304

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