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Re: [hylafax-users] Hylafax ques and other questions

--- Rich Houston <rhouston@rlhc.net> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am new to the list so forgive me if the question
> have been asked and answered but I was unable to 
> find the answers in the archives.

I read you entire message and you say did not find
some answers? Lazy boy :-).
> Fist off, Love this software simple to setup and
> nicely configurable.
> Now the questions:
> 1: I have a digi portserver with 32 modems. I may
> have up to 16 modems pointed at one gue.
> Is there going to be an issue? The server will be
> receiving up to 5000 pages a day so the system 
> will be pretty busy. Is there any setting that I
> should be watching for this kind of volume?

One gue? What's that?
We receive 2000+ pages per day in 4 lines and could
receive more. It's ok for you? :-)
> 2: I have to be able to send faxes from an as400.

AHA! As/400...you reallly do a good search? Check
hylafax clients section in HOWTO at www.hylafax.org

> Now the current fax server has a dir on the server 
> that when a file is placed in the dir (via ftp) with
> a control file the fax server picks up the file 
> and send it out. Is this possible under Hylafax?
> This would be useful for several other systems I 
> have as well. Any suggestion on how I can get this
> done if I cannot do it through ftp?

Maybe, but there is a more easy approach. Believe me,
I know :-). 

> 3: Any way to setup a modem or several modems for
> send only and have only those moderns for outbound 
> faxes?

Yep, in the FAQ section at www.hylafax.org and in the
mailling lists Lee Howard give us a good example in
how to do that but you can check quickly using man
hylafax-config, tag RingsBeforeAnswe.

Any doubts, say oooh! ;-)

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