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[hylafax-users] Sendfax on localhost doesn't, WHFC on clients does.

...send a fax that is.  Some help troubleshooting this please.  Any clues to how to figure out what's (not) happening
would be greatly appreciated.


newly-compiled hylafax-4.1.2 on slackware 8 (kernel 2.4.5).  Replaces long standing earlier versions of both, due to
hardware failures in the server.

Receiving on ttyS0 and ttyS1 (ModemGroup set as "inbound") works fine.

WHFC on the clients works to send faxes on ttyS4 (ModemGroup set as "any"), but if I try to use sendfax (run from the
fax host as an ordinary user or as root) the job just sits in the queue and is never processed (until the kill time
passes).  This occurs no matter which device I try to use (ttyS0, ttyS1, ttyS4). Sendfax used to work with the older

using faxalter to increase the priority or force the send has no effect.

There is one ordinary user and root with valid login shells on this box (all it does is hylafax, samba (as NT domain
member server), apache.  The fax fails to go for both of them.

examples of how sendfax was invoked:
sendfax -d 555-1212 ~/test.ps
sendfax -n -d 555-1212 ~/test.ps
sendfax -R -f he.is@bigfoot.com -d 5551212 ~/test.ps
sendfax -R -v -v -f he.is@bigfoot.com -d 5551212 ~/test.ps
sendfax -h ttyS4@localhost -n -R -v -v -f he.is@bigfoot.com -d 5551212 ~/test.ps

Here's a copy of the output from sendfax with the -v -v option:

root@bogusName:~# sendfax -h ttyS4@localhost -n -R -v -v -f he.is@bigfoot.com -d 5551212 ~/test.ps
Trying localhost ( at port 4559...
Connected to localhost.
220 bogusNameHere server (HylaFAX (tm) Version 4.1.2) ready.
-> USER root
230 User root logged in.
match against (..., 512)
rule: offset 0 string = "%!" -- success (result postscript, rule "")
Apply DisplayNumber rules to "5551212"
--> return result "5551212"
200 Type set to Image.
SEND compressed data, 176784 bytes
-> PORT 127,0,0,1,14,79
200 PORT command successful.
200 Mode set to ZIP.
150 FILE: /tmp/doc87.ps (Opening new data connection).
SEND 72915 bytes transmitted (2.4x compression)
226 Transfer complete (FILE: /tmp/doc87.ps).
200 New job created: jobid: 79 groupid: 79.
213 FROMUSER set to "he.is".
213 LASTTIME set to 000259.
-> JPARM MODEM "ttyS4"
213 MODEM set to "ttyS4".
213 MAXDIALS set to 12.
213 MAXTRIES set to 3.
213 SCHEDPRI set to 127.
213 DIALSTRING set to "5551212".
-> JPARM NOTIFYADDR "he.is@bigfoot.com"
213 NOTIFYADDR set to "he.is@bigfoot.com".
213 VRES set to 98.
213 PAGEWIDTH set to 215.
213 PAGELENGTH set to 279.
-> JPARM NOTIFY "done+requeue"
213 NOTIFY set to "done+requeue".
-> JPARM PAGECHOP "default"
213 PAGECHOP set to "default".
213 CHOPTHRESHOLD set to 3.
-> JPARM DOCUMENT /tmp/doc87.ps
200 Added document /tmp/doc87.ps as docq/doc87.ps.79.
200 Job 79 submitted.
request id is 79 (group id 79) for host localhost (1 file)


Here's what the faxstat -s shows:
HylaFAX scheduler on BogusNameHere: Running
Modem ttyS1 (+1.250.555.1222): Running and idle
Modem ttyS0 (+1.250.555.1222): Running and idle
Modem ttyS4 (+1.250.555.1222): Running and idle

JID  Pri S  Owner Number       Pages Dials     TTS Status
82   127 W   root 5551212       0:0   0:12    

Here's what the notification e-mail says...
Subject: facsimile job 67 to 5551212 failed
   Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 06:11:52 -0700
   From: Facsimile Agent <fax@fax.etc>
     To: he.is@bigfoot.com

Your facsimile job to 5551212 could not be completed before the appointed deadline.

    ---- Unsent job status ----

   Destination: 5551212
         JobID: 67
       GroupID: 67
        Sender: derek
      Mailaddr: he.is@bigfoot.com
         Modem: ttyS4
Submitted From: localhost
    Page Width: 215 (mm)
   Page Length: 279 (mm)
    Resolution: 98 (lpi)
        Status: Kill time expired
       Dialogs: 0 (exchanges with remote device)
         Dials: 0 (consecutive failed calls to destination)
         Calls: 0 (total phone calls placed)
         Pages: 0 (pages transmitted)
      TotPages: 0 (total pages to transmit)
      Attempts: 0 (attempts to send current page)
        Dirnum: 0 (directory of next page to send)

    ---- Documents submitted for transmission ----

The following documents were submitted for transmission and are
available on the server for reuse until they are automatically
purged when this job is removed.  Documents may also be manually
removed using the faxrm command; consult faxrm(1) for information.

Filename                 Size Type
docq/doc74.ps.67       176784 PostScript

Configuration info:
modems are MultiTech MT3334ZDX

contents of /var/spool/fax/etc/config
LogFacility:            daemon
CountryCode:            1
AreaCode:               250
LongDistancePrefix:     1
InternationalPrefix:    011
DialStringRules:        etc/dialrules
ServerTracing:          1
MaxConcurrentJobs:      3
MaxSendPages:           200
ModemGroup:             any:ttyS4
ModemGroup:             inbound:ttyS[0-1]
contents of /var/spool/fax/etc/config.ttySx
# Configuration for a Multi-Tech MT3334ZDX
# control; this configuration is for hardware flow control.
CountryCode:            1
AreaCode:               250
FAXNumber:              +1.250.555.1222
LongDistancePrefix:     1
InternationalPrefix:    011
DialStringRules:        etc/dialrules
ServerTracing:          1
SessionTracing:         11
RecvFileMode:           0644
LogFileMode:            0600
DeviceMode:             0600
RingsBeforeAnswer:      1
SpeakerVolume:          off
GettyArgs:              "-h %l dx_%s"
LocalIdentifier:        AMR.ttyS4
TagLineFont:            etc/lutRS18.pcf
TagLineFormat:          "From %%l|%c|Page %%P of %%T"
MaxRecvPages:           200
# Modem-related stuff: should reflect modem command interface
# and hardware connection/cabling (e.g. flow control).
ModemType:              Class2          # use class 2 interface
ModemRate:              38400           # lock rate for DCE-DTE communication
ModemFlowControl:       RTSCTS
ModemHardFlowCmd:       AT&K3           # hardware flow control
ModemSoftFlowCmd:       AT&K4           # software flow control
ModemSetupDTRCmd:       AT&D3           # setup so DTR drop resets modem
ModemSetupDCDCmd:       AT&C1           # setup so DCD reflects carrier (or not)
ModemSetupAACmd:        AT+FAA=1        # enable adaptive-answer in class 2
# NB: our Multitech modems are confused by @ in ModemDialCmd
#ModemDialCmd:          ATDT%s@         # T for tone dialing
ModemDialCmd:           ATDT%s          # T for tone dialing
Class2RecvDataTrigger:  "\022"          # character sent to modem to start recv
# added 2 lines based on hylafax discussion archvies for this type of modem
ModemRecvFillOrder:     MSB2LSB         # bit order of received facsimile
ModemSendFillOrder:     LSB2MSB         # bit order modem expects for transmit
# added to try to control extra white lines in incoming faxes
Class2DCCQueryCmd:      AT+FDCC?        # non-default query to determine modem capabilities
RecvDataFormat:         adaptive        # use the data format negotiated by the modems if cq checking NOT done by modem

Derek Shaw
Victoria, BC.
return email address is a bit-bucket. Substitute derekshaw for he.is

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