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Re: [hylafax-users] Hylafax with AVM FritzCard


> I've a question concerning the support of hardware ISDN-Cards
> of Hylafax:
> Will I be able to use hylafax as a fax-server for my
> windows/linux-network with a AVM FritzCard installed in
> the SuSE Linux-Server?

Don't do that! Sending a fax is very time critical and a passive
ISDN card needs processor time, if it can't get it, the fax will
fail. I talked with some resellers of Linux/Unix servers and they
run into many troubles using a FritzCard. Sometimes it doesn't work
at all, sometimes it freezes the complete server. If possible, use
an active ISDN card, e.g. AVM B1 or at least a semi-active Sedlbauer
card. If that's not in your budget, just use 2 modems.

If you won't send faxes, but use the server for receiving only, you
may try it. You need AVM's Capi4HylaFAX, you may download it at AVM
FTP server: /tools/capi4hylafax.linux

This behaviour has nothing to do with HylaFAX, but depends only on
the inability of passive cards to handle a fax without needing CPU

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