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[hylafax-users] need help with comments in fax cover page

By trial and error I've managed to edit a Microsoft Word generated postscript 
file into a mostly useable cover page for use with sendfax.  

However, I'm having a hard time getting the comments to work.  This paragraph 
below (from the faxcover man page) seems to suggest that I should be able to 
make 20 comments lines in much the same way that I edited the other variables 
and the faxcover command will magically handle it...

       If the comments string is longer than 35 characters, it is
       broken,  on  word  boundaries,  into  multiple  POSTSCRIPT
       strings commentsX where X is the line number;  e.g.   com-
       ments2  for  the second line of comments.  By default fax-
       cover will generate 20 commentsX  strings,  emitting  null
       string values for empty lines. 

So I should have 20 lines that look something like this...
	650 3599 M /comments1 IS
	650 3640 M /comments2 IS
              ... etc.

Am I understanding this correctly?  Or must I embed "BreakIntoLines" in my 

35 characters seems a bit narrow for comments in 12 point type--- is it 
possible to  change this?

Thank you.
Matthew Easton
Sublunar Networks

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