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[hylafax-users] multiple faxes to dodgy fax machine?

I have a question on how hylafax deals with destination
fax machines which answer, but hylafax can't communicate with:

When hylafax gets a sendFailure/'fax negotiation protocol' type of error like
	"No repsonse to MPS repeat" 
or  "No answer (T.30 T1 timeout)" 
0r  "DCS sent 3 times without response"
from a particular fax number , is there a way to get hylafax to stop
 sending further faxes to that number ?

If we have 10 faxes in the queue to a number which shows that sort
of behaviour, each fax gets tried x number of times before failing,
which is a waste of time (and money if it's an international call!)

Looking at the man page for hylafax-info , I can see that if the error
was NO CARRIER then it wouldn't retry .
Is there a way to get hylafax to stop trying to send to that number, e.g. if
'sendFailures:' in the relevant info/<faxno> file is e.g. greater than 10 ?

please reply via email,

many thanks

Robin Sinclair

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