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Re: [hylafax-users] Newbie question : Can not lock modem device

On Thu, 29 Aug 2002 11:32:18 +0200, "charly" <charly@jiga.fr> wrote:

>aoŻ 29 15:06:10 localhost FaxQueuer[834]: SUBMIT JOB 53
>Aug 29 15:06:44 localhost FaxGetty[869]: ANSWER: Can not lock modem device
This is normal; everytime something else than faxgetty uses the modem (in
this case the program which was sending the outbound job), faxgetty will say
"cannot lock modem".

>aoŻ 29 15:06:50 localhost FaxSend[7171]: SEND FAX: JOB 53 DEST 0155283976
>COMMID 00000074 DEVICE '/dev/ttyS0'
>aoŻ 29 15:07:16 localhost FaxSend[7171]: SEND FAILED: JOB 53 DEST 0155283976
>ERR No answer (T.30 T1 timeout)
This is partly normal, meaning there was a communications problem so that
the fax was aborted, it should be rescheduled.

>aoŻ 29 15:07:18 localhost FaxQueuer[834]: NOTIFY: bin/notify "sendq/q53"
>"requeued" "" "15:12"
>aoŻ 29 15:07:18 localhost FaxQueuer[834]: Bad exit status 041400 for
>'bin/notify "sendq/q53" "requeued" "" "15:12"'
This is not normal, did you customize the notify* scripts? However this has
nothing to do with not being able to send faxes.

Do all jobs terminate this way (T.30 T1 timeout) or only the ones directed
at that prticular number?


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