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Re: [hylafax-users] Fax Queue Time

[I CC: Toralf as is problem is similar and there is also missing 
information from his post and this could help him. (and I didn't want to 
write twice the same message (or almost) to the list)]

Quoting Toby Chamberlain <toby@netspeed.com.au>:

> I've looked into it a bit closer and done more testing and it seems
> that faxq _NEVER_ processes the submited faxes. They just sit there
> until the kill time expires and then they fail. Another possibly

Is faxgetty running? What doest faxstat -sli shows? Did you specify a 
modem to send with? (What is the content of the modem: line in your 
sendq/q??? file?) Do you use destctrls? What's in your destctrls file? 
What is the content of etc/config (especially the ModemGroup: line)? Did 
you try to increase the tracing level (try to set ServerTracing: to 
0xFFFFFFFF in etc/config and see if more information show up in your 

> interesting thing I noticed was that all of the jobs had 'totpages'
> set to 0 in their senq files.... maybe that's why faxq is ignoring
> them??

That's normal as the number of pages to send is unknown to HylaFAX until 
it is processed for the first time.

> Look at /var/spool/hylafax/cinfig.ttyX:

This is in /var/spool/hylafax/etc/... right?

Patrice Fournier

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