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Re: [hylafax-users] No dial tone revisited (now no carriers once in a while too)

Ok… now I am not sure what is up.


I turned on the volume for my modem, and when I sit and wait, there is a dial tone so we are past that.  However, hylafax dials up the numbers, but there is no response.  I.e. the dialtone just continues and there is no indication that the dialed string has been caught.  Eventually there is a timeout and an indication of “no carrier”.


This is just getting stranger and stranger.  Anyone have any clues?  Again, when I use minicom, I get neither error.  I am sure there is some modem command changes I need to make, but what I do not know.


Again, a conexant HCF PCI modem, which otherwise is working great.



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