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Re: [hylafax-users] Update on Problem with Distinctive Ring-- hacked faxgetty


Problem solved.  My own ineptitude with libserver.  Fixed and working with
the hack I have done for now, which I will replace with the option in
4.1.4 for changing the Extended string.

Separately, I still like parseCID outside of the Extended ifthen.  If it
is not outside of it, I would not get CID working in cases where I have a
valid alternate ring.

I also would suggest that more information be sent in traceServer,
including in the case of distinctive ring, a message indicating what
faxgetty things it has found.  I made those changes for my own debug, and
can send you the patch file if you are interested.  I just think it helps
in debug.


My apologies, Patrice did indeed give me the right solution.  It was,
again, my own brain-bug that caused the problem.

Thank you both!!!


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