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[hylafax-users] Thinking of moving from efax to hylafax

Hi All,


We are currently using efax over two Digi/Patton RAS 60 PE2 cards and apart from the usual driver lock up problem, one of the main issues is that we are having problems receiving multiple pages. I want to utilise a fax to email facility, but unfortunately with all these problems it’s a bit useless.


I’m about to download Hylafax and run some tests, but it’s probably gonna be a bit difficult as the boxes the cards are in are live. So any tips would be greatly appreciated!


Does anyone use these cards with Hylafax and are there any issues I should be aware of?


Many thanks to you all






John Martin


Phone:   08707539008

Email:    john.martin@mediaburst.co.uk



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