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Re: [hylafax-users] Questions on HylaFAX install on Mac OS X

On Sunday, September 15, 2002, at 04:40 AM, Dr, Guillemain Geraud wrote:

I already succeeded to install Hylafax on 10. 2 the problem was to configure, bash does not works on OS X 10.2


Thanks for the help. FYI, OS X 10.2 does include bash. Just type 'bash' at the command prompt, and you are in bash 2.05a. I don't think that this is a problem. With a little help from your e-mail and the instructions from the web, i think I got everything to configure, but i think that there are problems in using the built-in analog modem with HylaFAX.

so you must modify your configure file, using a disk image with UFS is necessary. I did it on OS X client. My problem
now is to make it working with an USB ISDN modem from Draytek. efax does not work either. The only fax working with these
kind of modems is Stfax with OS 9.2.2. I have been adding the the users uucp, bin, fax with netinfo GID: 66, uid: 10,11,12, shell: /dev/null.

Well, I added the users uucp, fax, and bin. I used the same UID for them all (after an error on the faxsetup script) which was 10. I also greated group uucp with GID of 66 and made the user 'fax' a member. (All of this using NetInfo Manager...)

Next, I executed the command:

'chpass -a "uucp:*:10:66::0:0:uucp:/var/spool/uucp"

as indicated in the instructions. I also installed Ghostscript and built libtiff.

I then created a UFS read-write disk image, copied the tarball there,
1.) gunzip
2.) tar -xvf
3.) cd Lucida Grandehylafax-4.1.3
4.) ./configure
5.) make
6.) make install
7.) run faxsetup script

Checking permissions in '/var/spool/hylafax' and '/var/spool/hylafax/etc' reveal a few items with "10" as the group name. That can't be good.

Step 9 of the instructions says to run "mkdir ~fax/dev" This gave me an error of "/dev already exists" or something similar.

I then added the startup items and edited etc.ttys as directed, I used tty.modem as the device name b/c i am using an internal Apple modem. Is that right?

I then ran the startup script and all seemed well. now to test. Any suggestions?

Thanks for any help (if you manged to read this far....),


PS: what is considered the best tutorial for setting up and configuring HylaFAX in general? I think I might end up installing a lot of Linux machines running HylaFAX in the coming months.

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