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Re: [hylafax-users] HELP!!!!! SambaFax

Thanks for responding.

Currently I have the following working correctly
Hylafax - I can send faxes through the command prompt
Samba - It has been working for about 6 months or so flawlessly
Cups - I can print to an actual printer just fine

When I type in the following, I get the following error msg.

mail:/usr/local/www/fax# lpadmin -p SambaFax -E -v sambafax:
lpadmin: add-printer failed: client-error-not-possible

Here is a portion of the CUPS log that shows the error msg.
E [24/Sep/2002:12:49:53 -0400] add_printer: bad device-uri attribute
D [24/Sep/2002:12:49:53 -0400] Sending error: client-error-not-possible

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From: Sunil William Savkar [mailto:savkar@inthespace.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, September 24, 2002 2:50 PM
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Subject: Re: [hylafax-users] HELP!!!!! SambaFax

> Has anyone on the list gotten SambaFax to work correctly with HylaFax
> Cups.  The script is here
> http://www.purpel3.com/sambafax/cups_4m.php
> I followed the directions to a TEE with no success.
> Can anyone on the list recommend an alternative solution.  We would
> like to share a printer in Samba that sends the output to HylaFax.  We
> would also prefer not to install any software on the client end.
> Any help would be HIGHLY APPRECIATED!


I did in fact get things working but it was definitely a bit of a pain.
ended up marrying the sambafax stuff for cups and then used FAX4CUPs for
part of my stuff as well.  Then I just had to get the postscript generic
print driver from Adobe, and everything seemed to basically work.

I hardly ever use it however.  What is your main problem?

I am not at home right now to see/remember what I did, but I can look
tonight.  What exactly are you having problems with?  Is cups seeing the
hylafax printer?  I seriously think you shoudl combine the script for
hylafax that Samba2fax uses, and then rely on FAX4CUPS for the rest of
setup with cups.


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