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Re: [hylafax-users] RelayFax Client questioins

On 2002.09.26 20:42 Tom Rymes wrote:

>> *	Edit the faxuserlist file to reflect the e-mail addresses of 
>> valid fax users and their password that should be used in the 
>> RelayFax client.
> Okay. Can this be left with no password?

I never tested the null-password situation, but I can't say why it 
wouldn't work.  Frankly you should use a password, though, for 
security's sake.

>> *	Make sure that procmail is your MDA, and if using smrsh, make 
>> sure that the appropriate link is made for procmail. (If using 
>> RedHat, 'ln -s /usr/bin/procmail /etc/smrsh/procmail' should do the 
>> trick.)
> How do I do this? I know of MTAs like SendMail, QMail, and PostFix. 
> Is this the same thing? Or is a MDA a Mil Delivery Agent, instead of 
> Mail Transport Agent? Any help appreciated.

MDA = Mail Delivery Agent.  The MTA hands the incoming mail off to the 
MDA, if one is configured and if the mail is to be delivered (rather 
than relayed).  SMRSH provides additional security to sendmail by 
restricting sendmail-run child programs like procmail and smartlist.  I 
don't know RedHat 7.3 very well, but on RedHat 6.1, 6.2, 7.0, and 7.1 
enabling procmail was as simple as:

ln -s /usr/bin/procmail /etc/smrsh/procmail

Also... I haven't yet tried RelayFax version 5 client with those 
recipies... so hopefully they didn't break anything ;-)


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