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Re: [hylafax-users] What's the best solution

--- Jeremy Fowler <jfowler@westrope.com> wrote:
> Ok, I have a problem and I need to get some
> opinions. Our current fax setup is a
> single Linux Box with 4 modems that receive incoming
> faxes from a hunt group on
> our Nortel Meridian 1 Option 11C PBX for our one
> main fax number that everyone
> uses. Hylafax receives the faxes and emails them to
> our receptionist to be
> sorted and forwarded. Recently there was a mix-up
> and someone received a fax
> they shouldn't have. This upset some VIPs, so now we
> are looking for a solution
> so it "never happens again".

Shi(beep) happens! :-)


> Ideal solution 1 (probably doesn't exist):
> A person faxes to someone here at their normal DID
> (voice) extension. The PBX
> auto-detects that the incoming call is a fax and
> routes it to a digital fax card
> on our Linux box. Hylafax sees the DID extension
> that the fax was sent to and
> looks up the extension in a database to find the
> email address and happily sends
> it on it's way. Everyone is happy.
> Now I know they have line share devices for normal
> analog (POTS) lines that is
> able to detect whether an incoming call is a voice
> or fax and route it to the
> appropriate device. However, the Telco guy that
> administers our PBX doesn't
> think there is such a device for digital systems.
> Has anyone heard of anyone
> doing something similar?

Too messy, Jay said. Period :-)). More seriously, you
can do funny things with Nortel's PBX but for your
problem it's useless.

> Ideal solution 2 (probably another long shot):
> We provision another set of DID numbers for everyone
> in the office for use as
> incoming fax lines. Anything that comes in on those
> DIDs are forwarded to some
> type of digital fax card running on our Linux box.
> The card tells Hylafax what
> DID number the call came in on and thus forwards it
> to the appropriate person.
> The card doesn't need to handle 80+ inbound calls at
> once, but should be able to
> tell what DID it was meant for. Meaning, the card
> should have about 10-20 ports
> it can use at any one time and an incoming fax will
> use the next available port
> on the card.
> Ultimately, what I don't want to do is provision 80+
> fax lines and then buy
> modems for all those lines.
> Any ideas anyone?

Well, if the ISDN cards mentioned are too expensive
for your needs, you may want to try find a Zyxel Elite
2864I ISDN modem on Ebay.

Other approach that you may want consider is providing
fax numbers by subaddressing(?). 

Example: someone send a fax to your number 12345 but
add #12. The number dialled was 12345#12 and hylafax
route the call/fax by email to the person who have
assigned the #12 extension. But this quite exotic :-).

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