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[hylafax-users] Scan Lines.

We are using hylafax for incoming fax version 4.1.1
Every once in a while we receive faxes that have horizontal lines.  Does 
anybody know what would cause this.  Could this be a communication problem 
between the modem and the sending fax machine, or is this a communication 
problem between the modem and the server.  The system is running redhat 7.2.

The modems are Multitech MT2834ZDXb.

The modems are on a cyclades multiport serial board.

The system is has 128M of memory and a 333 pentium II.  Here is my setup file.

ModemType:              Class2          # use class 2 interface
ModemRate:              38400
ModemFlowControl:       rtscts          # default
ModemHardFlowCmd:       AT&E4           # hardware flow control
ModemSoftFlowCmd:       AT&E5           # software flow control
ModemSetupDTRCmd:       AT&D3           # setup so DTR drop resets modem
ModemSetupDCDCmd:       AT&C1           # setup so DCD reflects carrier (or 
ModemSetupAACmd:        AT+FAA=1        # enable adaptive-answer in class 2
# NB: some models get confused by the @
ModemDialCmd:           ATDT9%s@                # T for tone dialing, @ for 
Class2RecvDataTrigger:  "\022"          # character sent to modem to start 

MaxConsecutiveBadLines: 2     # I put this in to cut the bad lines.

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