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[hylafax-users] UNstable (HylaFAX Version 4.1) -and- CID

The only thing we can see as being UNstable is, the CID code or
functionality (from our perspective/usage)

Our configuration .....
An older IBM Aptiva
Intel P-200
real memory  = 33554432 (32768K bytes)
avail memory = 28110848 (27452K bytes)
3 modems @ class 1
2 X Aopen (ISA)  CID= Enabled  -- Autoanswer= "OFF" (default)
1 USR 5685 (ISA) CID= Enabled  -- Autoanswer= "OFF" (default)

The above hardware is dedicated to Hylafax

I've been watching Hylafax's CID capabilities since July 2002.
This code is exhibiting unstable results with respect to
caller-ID (CID).  As stated in previous postings; Hylafax, while
using 'QualifyCID:' will intermittenly show a rejected call in
the logs but yet will accept the fax for that so-called rejected
Hylafax has now started another caller-ID issue whereby, it will
stop logging -all- cid info from -all- the modems.  To resolve
either one(1) of the above issues I've found myself needed to
reboot the machine or, restart the server.
While we've tried using tsitest to troubleshoot.  This latest
issue of all the CID logging ceasing to function is way beyond my
comprehension (it just stops logging).
How would someone with no coding background go about trouble
shooting these issues?
Is this something we have to live with for the time being?

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