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Re: [hylafax-users] how to set calling party number ?

Lee Howard wrote:
> On 2002.11.04 02:43 Markus Storm wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I am using Hylafax with a virtual modem (t38modem from OpenH323, to
>> enable Fax over IP). Works great, in and out.
>> I'm using it as a mail2fax gateway and would like to set the CLID
>> (calling line identity a.k.a. sender's number) on outbound calls .
>> faxmail and sendfax -f use the sender's address to put it
>> onto the cover sheet only, but they don't set the CLID.
> What is CLID in terms of H323, anyway?  Normally it is provided by the 
> telco.

Well, not exactly. H.323 is very close to a digital line (ISDN).
There's an IE (Information Element) called Calling-Party-Number that an 
ISDN user's device can set. The telco can verify it (and override if 
necessary), but the end user device must set it.
Imagine you have a PBX that has the base number 1234 and 10 telephones 
The telco can check whether the CLID the PBX sends out matches 1234X but 
it cannot check if X should be 1, 2 or 9 because it only sees the call 
coming from the PBX. Only the PBX knows which telephone the call came 
from, so only the PBX can set the full CLID (including X).

>> Is there any (Class 1 fax modem) command to do that ?
>> Any support for this from within Hylafax ?
> On analog lines the telco sets CLID.

yes, but on digital ones it's the end user who sets it.

> Lee.


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