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Re: [hylafax-users] Can you give me an instruction for DTMF/DID support?


Can you telll me more info about ISDN/PRI Line?
What hardward should i buy? my target OS is Linux.
Dose hylafax support it? if can, how to configure it?
Dose the current telecome networking support it?
Can it work for this case? ---> 20 lines, and "fax-number number" souting
support, and no any voice hint needed, and the application can receive faxes
from normal fax machine clients.

Any hints/URLs/Examples?

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From: "Sascha Herrmann" <sascha.herrmann@gmx.de>
To: "Weffen Cheung" <weffen.cheung@chinavh.com>
Sent: Tuesday, November 05, 2002 12:32 AM
Subject: Re: [hylafax-users] Can you give me an instruction for DTMF/DID

> Hy,
> > I want to attached about 20 modems to a PC, where running a linux box.
> > modem attaches one phone line(20 lines totally). I want hylafax to
> > all modems at the same time, if faxes come, then receive them.
> no problem so far...
> > And at the same time, i want the programme to support DTMF/DID, That
> > when remote sender sends fax to the fax server, first he dials the fax
> > number, and after he hears the ring tone, dials the "fax-box number",
> > then send the fax data.
> DTMF and DID are to diferent things. DID means that the telco submits the
> called Number to your Modem and Hylafax is able to fetch this Number from
> the Modem. With this there is no Need for HylaFax/the Modem to detect any
> DTMF tones on the line. I don't think that Hylafax supports reading this
> DTMF tones out of the Modem, nor i know an Modem which would support this.
> But maybe you can find something in the Mailinglistarchive...
> Isn't an ISDN/PRI Line an option for you? Its sounds like an big setup if
> you have 20 Phone lines and need to split each into several Faxboxes.
> I don't think an DTMF Setup would work very stable...
> Bye
> Sascha

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