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Re: [hylafax-users] hylafax-4.1_1 with, mutltiple modems -and- cid/logging (Important)

Lee thank you very much for that clarification about the tracing level.
In an earlier response, Mr. Campbell Mckilligan suggested that I --

" Can you turn on tracing for SERVER STATE TRANSITIONS
(add 256 to server tracing) and send the log for a fax being received when
CID is rejected."

I thought doing that would allow extra tracing (data/info) in addition to
the already logging of my CID-data/info.
Below you stated...
> All modem data received including RINGs and all CID data are logged at
> tracing level 0xFFF.  Your tracing level is too low to actually see the
> received CID data (and know that faxgetty got it).  You're only showing
> us the parsed CID data which is posted in the ANSWER response.  If you
> re-run your tests and use tracing 0xFFF it would help in assisting you

    I'm not sure I understand exactly what you mean when you say "the
ANSWER response".  I assume you mean the line is being answered by
faxgetty/hylafax?  The pid [120] is never answered by hylafax/faxgetty.  We
just use it to log the CID-data for the incoming calls on that line.  Once
the call is ID'd or, recognized, that person answers their phone.  I
pointed that out because, you say my --> "ServerTracing:          257"  is
too low a level to capture/log CID data, if that is the case (too low) then
how is the CID data that's being seen/shown for pid [120] in the logs
getting there?  Bear in mind  faxgetty nor Hylafax ever answers the modem
associated to pid [120].

I hope I asked that clearly enough. :\

PS.  I'm changing from: "ServerTracing:          257"  --TO--
"ServerTracing:          0xFFF"
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cid/logging (Important)

> On 2002.11.05 03:09 alt wrote:
> > We have on going problems with Hylafax and friends.  These issues are
> > posted at:

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