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[hylafax-users] fax routing


I want the fax server to route incomming faxes either to user's home 
directory or send them to user's email. The only one question, how to 
identify when the fax comes to a specific user ? I read about automatic 
routing in the howto and it says that I can use FaxDispatch script to route 
the fax automaticaly, but how do I know to whom the fax is addressed to? I 
was thinking to handle extensions, the main message would announce that you 
are calling to a fax server, and to send fax say for user Bob, press 1, for 
user Nikolai press 2 , to the fax server Administrator, press 0 and etc .... 
but I need to install an answering machine software first (like vgetty) to 
work that way, right? Any howto on fax routing is out there ? 

Thanks in advance

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