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I have completely rebuilt my faxserver after purchasing the new RH8.0 and 
installing HylaFax 4.1.5. All went well, but I notice that the modems seem 
to be listed ALMOST alphabetically. See the modem list below after running 

[root@dynamic3 root]# faxstat
HylaFAX scheduler on dynamic3: Running
Modem ttyM1a (+1-810-225-4602): Receiving from ""
Modem ttyM1d (+1-810-225-4602): Running and idle
Modem ttyM1b (+1-810-225-4602): Running and idle
Modem ttyM1c (+1-810-225-4602): Running and idle

Notice the modem sequence is A, D, B, C. It's not causing any problems that 
I can see. Should I be concerned? I would like to get them in sequence. Any 
advice as to how??

Joseph Blavatt
I.S. Manager
A+ Certified

Dynamic Technology, Inc.

1200 N. Old U.S. 23
P.O. Box 559
Hartland, MI 48353-0559
(810) 225-4601 X245 phone
(810) 225-4602 fax

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