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Re: [hylafax-users] Newbie To HylaFax

--- Ray Briggs II <ray@lsmp.com> wrote:
> Hello everyone:
> I am brand new to using HylaFax. In fact, I am
> currently trying to sell it to my boss as a faxing
> solution. There is only one hurdle I have to get
> around. We do all of our software programming in
> house and I need to be able to Fax a document (PS is
> fine) from my application without the user having to
> enter the fax number. I will get the fax number from
> the database or an entry field somewhere. 
> The programming language we are using could talk to
> an Active X or I can write an external in C++. The
> problem is I have not found an active X to talk to
> HylaFax and most of the source code in C++ is a bit
> beyond me. Can anyone push me in a good direction
> for sending a fax to hylafax programmatically only,
> with no user interference. 
> I basically only need to Send a Fax? I was hoping
> for a simple SendAFax(FaxNumber, File) in C++ or
> Active X.
> We are using Win2000/Win98 machines for all of our
> faxing needs. I have gotten WHFC to work printing
> from word and our host application but I have to go
> through the print driver and I want to avoid that.
> Thanks,
> Ray Briggs II
> Lone Star Medical Products, Inc.
> 713-796-0505 Ext. 148
> mailto:ray@lsmp.

Idea #1: your users just print text where you insert
the fax number. Just install the TEXT print driver. Go
to HOWTO section, hylafax clients, faxing from AS/400,
read the as400script. A way to use graphics is

Idea #2: you can transform your user's files into PS,
PDF or Tiff(let us know how ;-) ), pick the fax number
from somewhere and run the java client, gnu-hylafax.

Idea #3; somehow you insert the fax number in your
users files (with graphics) and use the samba script
(HOWTO, clients section).

Any doubt just say. Cheers. 

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