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[hylafax-users] Tiff File Access

I'm using HylaFax 4.1.5 on a Compaq Proliant 1600R running RH8.0. It's 
configured to receive incoming fax's and automatically print them. So far 
so good BUT!, I cannot access the .tif file. I can through my network 
neighborhood connection (SAMBA) but not through the IE6 browser. I have 
checked and double checked as many settings as FAQ's and HylaFax 
instructions have indicated but no good.

My IE6 and/or Netscape will display tif and tiff files directly. It's as if 
I'm not allowed to access the tif files. I can browse right into the recvq 
folder but cannot access the files within.

Anyone have any clues?????

Attached is the email notification I receive for each successfully received 

recvq/fax00316.tif (ftp://dynamic3:4559/recvq/fax00316.tif):
    Sender: 734 523 3734
     Pages: 2
   Quality: Fine
      Page: North American Letter
  Received: 2002:11:18 08:51:49
TimeToRecv: 1:08
SignalRate: 14400 bit/s
DataFormat: 1-D MR
ReceivedOn: ttyM1a
    CommID: c00000411 (ftp://dynamic3:4559/log/c00000411)

Joseph Blavatt
I.S. Manager
A+ Certified

Dynamic Technology, Inc.

1200 N. Old U.S. 23
P.O. Box 559
Hartland, MI 48353-0559
(810) 225-4601 X245 phone
(810) 225-4602 fax

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