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Re: [hylafax-users] Lost

On Wed, Nov 20, 2002 at 08:56:16AM -0800, Jeff Herring wrote:
> What version of Hylafax and OS are you using?

I'm running hylafax 4.1.5 on a freebsd 4.7-RELEASE box.

The situation changed a little now. A new box was installed
with almost the same configuration. The faxstat output is as 
it should be now.  However, a remote fax machine still doesn't 
print out faxes sent from hylafax, while a fax between a hylafax 
server and another hylafax server works fine.
(for an example, see:

I'm still lost and I have no idea what to look for now..

> At 05:55 PM 11/19/2002 +0100, Johan Mulder wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >I am a bit lost in my hylafax setup. I just set up a new system
> >which is going to be used as a mail to fax gw.
> >Everything seems to be set up properly.
> >Now I have this situation:
> >* When I send a fax, the fax just gets sent to the remote fax;
> >* The remote side receives the fax, but just doesn't print it.
> >
> >I have tried several different fax machines, but no fax machine
> >appears to recognise the received data.
> >The logfile tells me it has been sent correctly, but it just
> >went wrong somewhere, and I haven't been able to figure out
> >where.
> >
> >Besides that, faxstat tells me that it's waiting for the modem
> >to become ready:
> >HylaFAX scheduler on host.name: Running
> >Modem cuaa0 (+xx xx xxxxxxx): Waiting for modem to come ready
> >
> >This never changes, even when it's sending a fax at that same
> >moment. Faxgetty logs nothing (even with ServerTracing set to 0xFFF).
> >The only thing it does log is that it quits when I kill it..
> >
> >Attached to this message are the modem config file and one of the
> >logs generated by faxsend.
> >Can someone please give me a pointer in the right direction?
> >Any help is appreciated.

Johan Mulder
Localhost System Administration

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