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Re: [hylafax-users] NEWS: mps,rtn, canon fax machines


Below is the last email about this topic, I hope You remember :-)))
The problem was: a speedcom+ vd56spv modem cannot send faxes to canon
machines. (search archive for logs, etc.)
I modified hylafax source to not use v.17 when connecting to canon faxes.
Now the modem uses v.33 and everithing is OK.
If somebody interested I will send the patch (two lines of code in two

Dobos Sandor
IBCnet Hungary Ltd.

To: dobos_s@IBCnet.hu
Subject: Re: [hylafax-users] mps,rtn, canon fax machines
From: Lee Howard <faxguy@deanox.com>
Cc: hylafax-users@hylafax.org
Reply-To: faxguy@deanox.com
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 10:21:55 -0800

On 2002.02.28 09:04 dobos_s@IBCnet.hu wrote:
> >No, you're not using the +FTS patch.
> Yes, I said I tried... :-))) but reverted, because the result was the
> same.
> (That log attached below)

No the result is NOT the same.  Pay attention.  You get RTN when you are
using the +FTS patch.  You get failure to respond to MPS when you are not
using it.  The receiver gets the page when you use the +FTS patch.  The
receiver does not get the page when you don't use it.

Failure to respond to MPS and RTN are different beasts.

> Somebody has idea how to log the commands what win$ faxprograms send to
> the
> modem when they are succesfull?

Dood.  I have NEVER (and I've done a lot of testing, believe me) found a
remote that HylaFAX couldn't communicate with properly in Class 1 but
another fax program could when using the same modem.  If you do find that
HylaFAX fails but some other fax program works, it's probably your modem
config.  But, it can be a bug - but in this case the bug (HylaFAX
pre-4.1.1 didn't use +FTS) has been fixed already.

> Feb 22 13:38:23.72: [20752]: SEND end page
> Feb 22 13:38:26.47: [20752]: --> [2:OK]
> Feb 22 13:38:26.47: [20752]: <-- [9:AT+FTS=9\r]
> Feb 22 13:38:26.58: [20752]: --> [2:OK]
> Feb 22 13:38:26.58: [20752]: SEND send EOP (no more pages or documents)
> Feb 22 13:38:26.58: [20752]: <-- [9:AT+FTH=3\r]
> Feb 22 13:38:26.61: [20752]: --> [7:CONNECT]
> Feb 22 13:38:26.61: [20752]: <-- data [3]
> Feb 22 13:38:26.61: [20752]: <-- data [2]
> Feb 22 13:38:27.93: [20752]: --> [2:OK]
> Feb 22 13:38:27.93: [20752]: <-- [9:AT+FRH=3\r]
> Feb 22 13:38:28.25: [20752]: --> [7:CONNECT]
> Feb 22 13:38:29.06: [20752]: --> [2:OK]
> Feb 22 13:38:29.06: [20752]: SEND recv RTN (retrain negative)
> Feb 22 13:38:29.06: [20752]: SEND training at v.17 12000 bit/s
> Feb 22 13:39:23.75: [20752]: TRAINING failed

Quite plainly the normal Canon RTN handling error problem.  You MUST use
RTNHandlingMethod in either your modem config (preferred) or in

You could get another modem, too, since I think the problem is a mix
between the Canon and your modem's firmware... but you'd have to consult
with a Canon RTN expert - and that's not me.

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