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Re: [hylafax-users] Error source / reason?

On Thu, Nov 28, 2002 at 11:05:25AM -0500, Aidan Van Dyk wrote:
> What does the session log ($SPOOL/log/c00163334) say.

Nothing interesting:

Nov 28 08:01:28.50: [27423]: --> [2:OK]
Nov 28 08:01:28.50: [27423]: RECV send MCF (message confirmation)
Nov 28 08:01:28.50: [27423]: RECV FAX (00163334): from 7097265315, page 
1 in 0:15, INF, 3.85 line/mm, 2-D MR, 14400 bit/s
Nov 28 08:01:28.50: [27423]: RECV FAX (00163334): recvq/fax20470.tif 
from 7097265315, route to <unspecified>, 1 pages in 0:29
Nov 28 08:01:28.50: [27423]: <-- [9:AT+FRH=3\r]
Nov 28 08:01:28.94: [27423]: --> [7:CONNECT]
Nov 28 08:01:29.88: [27423]: --> [2:OK]
Nov 28 08:01:29.88: [27423]: RECV FAX: bin/faxrcvd "recvq/fax20470.tif" 
"ttyS2" "00163334" "" "" ""
Nov 28 08:01:30.60: [27423]: RECV FAX: end
Nov 28 08:01:30.60: [27423]: SESSION END

> I've seen this behaviour (tiff file not found when faxrcvd runs) if
> the session terminated before any image data came across.

That doesn't seem to be the case; the fax printed (and had one page).

> And once faxrcvd is done processing it, the file is only needed if you
> want to do something with it. HylaFAX will never touch it unless a

That's what I had assumed; I will be changing the scripts on Monday at
any rate to leave the files in place and let the bundled cleanup scripts
do their thing on a daily basis instead.

> client tries to download it.  I'm assuming that sincey you're custom
> processing them, you don't have people trying to download them as
> HylaFAX clients.

No; they download them using a piece of custom Windows (ugh) software
if they bother at all.
Michael T. Babcock
CTO, FibreSpeed Ltd.     (Hosting, Security, Consultation, Database, etc)

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