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Re: [hylafax-users] IRIX OS upgrade to 6.5.18f has broken my hylafax

| > | On 2002.11.28 16:55 The ADI Pendejo wrote:
| > |
| > | >    I upgraded my SGI Indy running 6.5.17f to 6.5.18f
| > |
| > | What packages changed?
| > 
| >    The list is fairly extensive; using isnt I did the standard "keep
| >    *, inst standard" commands for the usualy quarterly upgrade. I am not
| >    sure how to query the inst database to see which packages were 
| >    changed last Sunday, but if it is helpful I can check to see if I can 
| >    list those.
| As your log looks typical, it's not likely anything that can be seen 
| that way.  So yes, a package list would be good.
| HylaFAX uses libtiff functions to write incoming fax tiffs to disk.  If 
| libtiff changed, then maybe that is the issue.
| Lee.

   Lee et al....

   I did discover the problem, and yes, it was a change to libtiff. I had
   compiled libtiff many many moons back, before SGI adopted it into their
   standard distribution. I keep my (up to date) copy in /usr/local/lib. 

   When the OS was upgraded, SGI mod'd /usr/lib/libtiff.so, as well as
   /usr/lib32/libtiff.so, and that broke Hylafax. 

   I have (temporarily) moved /usr/lib[32]/libtiff.so away, and linked them
   to mine in /usr/local/lib/libtiff.so, and all seems OK. (I am waiting to
   see what other system routines break with my "fix" to libtiff.so in the
   /usr/lib path). 

   I am thinking about possibly remaking hylafax with the system versions of
   libtiff.so (and see if that works).

   thanks again


             Harry Shamansky (Email: shamansky@adinc.com)
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