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Re: [hylafax-users] fax machine intercept faxes from hylafax

* Ferdinando Pasqualetti <gtdati@tin.it> [2003-01-22 17:38]:
> Hi, I did not make all the test about what I am saying, but I think that if
> you want to use the same line for Hylafax and a fax machine you should use
> the "PHONE" plug on the Hylafax modem (if there is only one plug on the
> modem, normally the PHONE line is made up of the two outer wires).
> In this situation when Hylafax get the line, the phone side is insulated and
> the fax machine does not interfere. If you send a fax using the fax machine,
> if the line is engaged by Hylafax simply the fax machine will not get the
> outer line. If the fax machine is sending a fax and Hylafax start sending I
> think it will booke the other connection (I am not sure, but I am very
> afraid yes), one should disable Hylafax output (faxstate -s busy ttyXX).
> Also, if one wants to receive on the fax machine (which must answer after a
> higher number of rings) one can disable completely Hylafax line (faxstate -s
> down ttyXX).
> To resume the normal operation use "faxstate -s ready ttyXX".
> Again, not all of this has been tested, something is extrapolated. I hope it
> can be useful anyway.

Very much, I'm going to try the PHONE plug as soon as possible.
I wasn't aware of the faxstate command, this could prove very useful
in my situation. Thanks a lot.
Philippe Gendreau

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