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Re: [hylafax-users] System specs and usage

--- "Tony S. Sykes" <Tony.Sykes@BCPSoftware.com>
> All,
> I use Hylafax on an old p2 350 with 128mb ram and
> 10gb hd,

Old? My PII 266 Mhz 512 RAM works fine at home...

> external
> Diamond SupraExpress 56e pro. We send less than 20
> faxes per week, but
> receive over 50 per week (one department).

Fiuu! Heavy uh? If you want more fun and if you are
behind a PBX you can send some more using internal
numbers :-).

> The
> system does a little
> internal web hosting and some sys check on external
> servers. I am
> running Mandrake 9.0. Please could you let me know
> your specs and what
> you use the system for as well, as I am looking at
> changing the hardware
> and adding functionality (also faxes will be greatly
> expanded as
> everybody will be using it) and would like to know
> what else everybody
> else uses and what their usage is.

To change the hardware specs I only see a reason:
network gaming! Unreal it's great!

Ok, more seriously. I hope you take my previous words
as a joke cause I'm in a good mod today :-).

I think your hardware is fine and don't see any reason
to change (you don't say what you want run there). In
our server, a PII 450 Mhz with 128 Ram, we are using
Apache for web interface and manual printing of
incomming jobs, Samba, Mysql, SSH and of course
Hylafax. We are using 3 lines to outgoing jobs, 2
Multitech external modems and 1 Comtrol Rocket Port
multimodem ISA card (8 ports) with 5 ports being used.
We sent 300+ fax and receive 2000+ pages per day. The
server, if wanted, could receive more load just
attaching more lines. Remember that the HDisk speed
(even IDE) is very fast compared with fax speed
transmission (I hope not saying something stupid with
this :-D ). For now, the plattaforms integrated are
any Windows flavour (excluding XP, we don't use it),
IBM AS/400 and linux.

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