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[hylafax-users] Unreadable fax problem

Occasionally, customers that we send faxes to complain that the fax they
recieve is undreadable.  I have an example that I scanned in attached as a
gif.  It's a snippet of the whole page.

The problem is that some lines appear to be cut off.  We see this problem
off and on, usually limited to certain recipients.  It could be us, but I
thought I'd throw it out there in case someone had seen something similar
while I investigated our side.

I'm using Comtrol RocketModems.  The recipient of this particular fax was a
Brother MSC 4350.  The documents are PDF's when they are handed off to
HylaFAX, and they DO NOT have this problem when viewed in Acrobat.  Faxing a
printed-paper to the 'problem' recipient via a normal fax machine also works
fine.  We send a few thousand faxes a day, outbound only.

Again, this might be a problem with the PDF's we generate, but I thought I'd
ask ;)

Cory 'G' Watson


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