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Re: [hylafax-users] convert(hylafax)

I finally got to the explanation for You, I hope it will help in some way, and 
I'll post it also on the HylaFAX mailing list, so it will be recoverable from 
	First of all, if You have compiled the sources of HylaFAX 4.1.5, I suppose 
the configuration scripts are installed in /var/spool/hylafax and there in 
bin, etc, and so on... I'll suppose that bin/ is the /var/spool/hylafax/bin 
(for abbreviation) and etc/ in the same way.
	Now I've read that for the conversion of the tiff files to another format in 
the bin/ directory must be a file (script) called "uuencode_it" which must 
uuencode -m $1 $1 | grep -E -v "^begin|^====$" 2>/dev/null
To get the conversion correctly, but I don't know exactly how it works.
	The next step is, in etc/FaxDispatch must be specified the receiver, the 
encoding type and the output type:
SENDTO=User ; MIMENCODE=bin/uuencode_it; FILETYPE=pdf;;
(the User is whom ever You want to mail to the received fax.)
I hope, until here You have could figure it out of the documentation. 
	Now comes a sequence that I had to find out some way, because I didn't find 
it exactly in the documentation:
In the configuration file of the modem, in etc/config.ttyS0 (if Your modem is 
on the COM1) I added on the end of the part of configuration of the 
properties a line:
FaxRcvdCmd:             bin/faxrcvd
This actives the next step after receiving the fax, so the mail is sent to a 
person specified in the bin/FaxDispatch script. This I didn't find anywhere 
in the documentation, apparently there's a missing part of the configuration 
or in the installation defaults it's just forgotten. 
My etc/config.ttyS0 seems like this (in the section configured by faxsetup):
DialStringRules:        etc/dialrules
ServerTracing:          1
SessionTracing:         11
RecvFileMode:           0644
LogFileMode:            0644
DeviceMode:             0600
RingsBeforeAnswer:      5
SpeakerVolume:          medium
GettyArgs:              "-h %l dx_%s"
LocalIdentifier:        "NothingSetup"
TagLineFont:            etc/lutRS18.pcf
TagLineFormat:          "From %%l|%c|Page %%P of %%T"
MaxRecvPages:           25
UUCPLockTimeout:        15
FaxRcvdCmd:             bin/faxrcvd

There's a intresting option which enables the normal users read the logs and 
view the tiff images in the recvq/ directory, that's the options:
RecvFileMode:           0644
LogFileMode:            0644
normally after running faxsetup the last line isn't there, so the 
mail-forwarding script faxrcvd isn't activated. So it You add this line, it 
should work fine, I tried it and it worked quite smoothly. But other problem 
was the pdf conversion, I didn't succeed to get it work right, the pdf and ps 
files weren't readable, but I think it was because of the bin/uuencode_it 
script which I didn't include in bin/FaxDispatch.
I hope this will get Your server work correctly. Don't hesitate with any 
questions, I'll try my best!
Best regards

On Friday 21 February 2003 10:55, you wrote:
> hi,
> sorry for disturbing you...
> can u help me to fix the problem in my linux redhat 7.3.
> i have installed the hylafax 4.1.5-1rh7.i386.rpm.
> i can receive incoming fax. i can see the tiff files in the
> recvq folder. but i want to do is convert the tiff file to pdf.
> i have followed the instructions to create the FaxDispatch file
> and others but still it doesn't convert the file..
> maybe you could give me some instructions on this..
> thanks for your help...
> God Bless
> allen

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