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[hylafax-users] sendfax with MaxDials

[It was "Broadcast faxing problems"]

% *** Holger Raschke <holger.raschke@presse-data.de> wrote: ***
% Truong wrote:
% >Hi Ian,
% >
% >I got the same error message since 2 days after making a test with the
% >option " -T 3 " for sendfax. Until now I can't send any fax out.

I tried to define the maximal number of dials before killing a job, as
by default HylaFAX redials 12 times. And with this option " -T 3 " for
sendfax the modem couldn't send out anymore. Below is the notified
message. It seems to me there is a problem with the modem 56k since
then, but I'am not sure.

  To: hermes@dino.dinoysos.org
  Subject: facsimile job 43 to 00xxyyzzzzzz failed
  Message-Id: <20030402062717.CDE12AE5@dino>
  Date: Wed,  2 Apr 2003 08:27:17 +0200 (CEST)
  From: fax@dinoysos.org (uucp)
  Status: RO
  Content-Length: 1148
  Lines: 32
  Your facsimile job to 0003210238810 could not be completed before the
  appointed deadline.
      ---- Unsent job status ----
     Destination: 00xxyyzzzzzz
           JobID: 43
         GroupID: 43
          Sender: hermes
        Mailaddr: hermes@dino
          CommID: 00000305
  Submitted From: localhost
      Page Width: 209 (mm)
     Page Length: 296 (mm)
      Resolution: 196 (lpi)
          Status: Unknown problem (check modem power)
         Dialogs: 0 (exchanges with remote device)
           Dials: 1 (consecutive failed calls to destination)
           Calls: 1 (total phone calls placed)
           Pages: 0 (pages transmitted)
        TotPages: 0 (total pages to transmit)
        Attempts: 0 (attempts to send current page)
          Dirnum: 0 (directory of next page to send)
      ---- Documents submitted for transmission ----
  The following documents were submitted for transmission and are
  available on the server for reuse until they are automatically
  purged when this job is removed.  Documents may also be manually
  removed using the faxrm command; consult faxrm(1) for information.
  Filename                 Size Type
  docq/doc43.ps.43            0 PostScript


% man sendfax.
% KillTime parameter is -k.
% You can define this system wide in sendfax.conf.

I will try to use it (sendfax.conf) next week.

  Truong <tphuong@wol.be>

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