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[hylafax-users] [Off-Topic] AVM Fritz!PCI and Hylafax on Debian-3.0

Hi all,

I would like to ask if somebody on the list has successfully used AVM
Fritz!PCI 2.0 (ISDN passive card) with capi4hylafax (and HylaFAX) on
Debian 3.0 system.

I know this is a problem concerning to Fritz!Card PCI v2.0 and I've
asked supports from AVM. While waiting the answer from AVM team, I post
it here with hope that somebody could learned the same problem.

My problem is not to get the driver fcpci.o working. Here are steps I
did so far on Debian 3.0:

0. HylaFAX server and client are installed

1. compile kernel 2.4.20 from a vanila source with support AVM CAPI 2.0
2. compile fcpci.o from fcpci-suse8.1*.tar.gz
3. compile capi4k-utils
4. compile capi4hylafax and ajust the file config.faxCAPI
5. make tests

 From the step 3, I can load the Fritz!PCI driver (fcpci) with
 "capiinit start"

 But problems:

   - the command "capiinfo" block the whole system and I need to make a hard
     reboot to get back on the system.

   - the command "c2faxsend -vf TIFF -d 0032xxyyzzzz fritz_pic.tif" freezes
     the system again (like capiinfo) (0032xxyyzzz is a fax number).

Hopefully I won't disturb the list with this message.

And have a good week-end.

  Truong <tphuong@wol.be>

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