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[hylafax-users] where oh where is my ps2fax?


I can receive faxes; they are converted to Postscript and sent
by mail. This works fine so far.

However, I can't send. Submitting either with sendfax or whfc,
everything *seems* alright; however, the job will sit idle in
the queue until the killtime expires.

So... right now, I've found two points that could be
responsible: for one thing, faxstat reports the fax
to be quite short (0:0); the other is from syslog.

schnobs@riese:~$ faxstat -s
HylaFAX scheduler on riese.babel: Running
Modem ttyS1 (+49.911.776870): Running and idle

JID  Pri S  Owner Number       Pages Dials     TTS Status
10   127 W schnob 776870        0:0   0:12
11   127 W schnob 776870        0:0   0:4

Apr  4 19:26:59 riese FaxQueuer[5762]: JOB 11 (ready dest +49911776870 pri 127 tts 
0:00 killtime 1:00:00): No assignable modem located

Now I'm quite at a loss; I don't see any message that could give
me a hint about why the fax is considered to be of zero length;
However, trying to run the conversion apps manually, I have
found that I don't have ps2fax or tiff2fax in my path;
locate comes up with the manpages and a few hits in the source
tree. I tried to use /usr/src/hylafax-4.1.5/util/tiff2fax.sh
but all I got was "bad interpreter: Permission denied". And this
as root...

So. Any hints, clues, whatever?


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