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Re: [hylafax-users] Help finding multi-modem capable USB modems (willwrite HOWTO)

--- Bill Binko <bill@binko.net> wrote:
> Pedro,
> 	Thanks for the response.  
> > 
> > I guess that any modem supported by linux and
> using
> > rockwell chipsets will be fine. 
> That's where I started, but unfortunately, there are
> very few USB modems
> that I have been able to find that actually use the
> (non-winmodem)
> Conexant/Rockwell chipsets.

That's why you must search for the expensive ones ;-).

>  I suppose it makes
> sense: software modems
> probably make it easier to make smaller devices
> which hits the mobile
> part of the USB market.

No, for me with some special neededs, putting the hard
work in the OS side it's stupid. Make sense for a
manufacturer to sell cheap modems but they are crap.
My sister has a USB Zappa modem, it's small, but you
have linux drivers (I know because moved by curiosity
I search in the net ;-) ). I don't know if you can
find this brand in your market but you must search not
for Zapa (or Zappa?) brand but for the chipset

> > However, for what I
> > know, Multitech modems are the best piece of
> hardware
> > that you could find, expensive yes, but their tech
> > staff are very helpfull and they do firmware fixes
> continuously.
> I have found two Multitech USB modems:
> The MultiModem USB
> (http://multitech.com/products/MultiModemUSB/) is
> the
> only USB modem at Multi-Tech that they claim is
> Linux compatible.  This,
> along with the fact that it uses the ACM command set
> driver seems to
> hint that it uses the Rockwell chipset, but I can't
> find that in the
> docs.  Lowest price I could find (from
> http://pricewatch.com) is $106
> USD.

If they claim that, I guess it's true.

> The MultiMobile USB
> (http://www.multitech.com/PRODUCTS/MultiMobileUSB/)
> is a very small (inline) USB modem based on the
> Lucent Pegasus chipset.
> Multi-Tech doesn't claim Linux support on this one,
> but there is a
> driver for the Pegasus according to
> http://www.idir.net/~gromitkc/usblist.php.  The
> going price for this
> one is currently $140 USD.

Read above. More expensive too... :-).

> Has anyone used either of these successfully in a
> multi-modem setup? 
> Thanks
> Bill

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