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[hylafax-users] Using Hylafax as a Faxserver with several fax numbers for one ISDN-controller

Is it possible to realize the following scenario with HylaFax:
I have a server running Hylafax with one ISDN-controller with a fax-number of 100-90
I want to use the following fax-numbers for the users
100-90 = User A
100-91 = User B
100-92 = User C
100-93 = User D
and so on
I want to configure Hylafax to accept all the faxes for the numbers above and to send all faxes sent to 100-90 to be forwarded to the Inbox of User A,
all faxes sent to 100-91 to be forwarded to the Inbox of User B, and so on
Is this possible with Hylafax ?
Guido Over

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