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[hylafax-users] smbfax alike

Hi all,

I would like to know if it's possible to load automatically a web
browser on the client (Windows stations for the moment, and Linux
station later) side by the same time of clicking on Samba-Printer via
smbfax or something alike.

Some explications: we have a small webfax application working with
HylaFAX and Apache, PHP. Via webfax application, we can send (possible
with attachement in .pdf, .ps, .txt), receive faxes without any problem.

For the need of conversion other formats like .doc, .sxw,.. into
postscript .ps before sending out by sendfax, I think of smbfax.

Here is the scheme of smbfax:


   Basically it does this:

     SMB Client -> Samba -> smbfax -> SMTP -> cgi-bin -> smbfax -> hylafax

   The system basically uses 2 programs, one is a glue program that goes
   between Samba and faxstat and the other is one that interfaces sendfax
   with HTTP -- the two programs "talk" to eachother via a spool dir.  There
   are no daemons running -- it's all stateless (unless you consider a cron
   job that cleans up a daemon...)


smbfax send a message including an URL via SMTP to the user, who then
reads his mail before clicking on the right URL. That's what I

My question is if, by using the Samba Printer with smbfax, there is
another way to load a web browser located on a Windows directly with a
URL pointed to the website to get more information about destination fax
number,.. either via smbfax-html.pl or any webfax application ?

Sorry for my english if there is some unclear explications as I'am not
an english speaking.

Thank you very much for your advices.

  Truong <tphuong@wol.be>

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