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[hylafax-users] Fax Hardware : which one to choice between...

We can get from a closing-down-shop :
2 x  Zyxel Elite 2864D (Analog, not ISDN) - Firmware 3.02
2 x Zyxel 1496E (Normal, no plus) - Firmware 6.22
We need 2 only JUST TO BE USED ONLY WITH HYLAFAX (no Internet, nothing else, just fax)
We send/received worldwide with very various type of fax machine in the otherside.
Quantities are around 80/100 pages per day.
Which model to choice ?
Please note that in another our factory (other town) we have an ELITE 2864i (ISDN) - Firmware 3.01 and sometimes cannot connect with some fax machine (on receiving only)(from 14.400 try to negotiate down to 2400 and hangup with error). Just a few times only and with senders from Vietnam or Bangladesh only. Funny things is that if the incoming call is answered by a 3COM FAX MODEM 56 external set up as Class 2.0 there are no problem at all with same senders !

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