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[hylafax-users] Calling the WHFC OLE automation server from PowerBuilder6.5 code

is there anybody out there who has done the thing mentioned in the subject?
I tried to call the SendFax function, but I get an error message like this:
"Name not found calling external object function sendfax at line 41 in clicked event...."
I tried to call another function in the WHFC.OleSrv interface, and the same result.
My code looks as it follows (the clicked event of a button):
OLEObject whfc
long ll_status, job_id
int i

sle_1.Text = "c:\track\report.prn"
sle_2.Text = "4444444"
whfc = CREATE OLEObject

ll_status = whfc.ConnectToNewObject("WHFC.OleSrv")
// this writes out 0, so theoretically the ConnectToNewObject succeeded
MessageBox("","ConnectToNewObject: " + string(ll_status))

if ll_status=1 then
 MessageBox("", "1")
 job_id = whfc.SendFax(sle_1.Text,sle_2.Text, false)   // and here I get the error message
 MessageBox("", "job_id: "+string(job_id) )
end if
i = whfc.DisconnectObject()
I would appreciate any suggestions.

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