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Re: [hylafax-users] Anyone using Multitech MultiModem USB? (also: USB Update Included)

--- Bill Binko <bill-keyword-hylafax.afeacb@binko.net>
> Hello everyone,
> After an excruciating weekend of trial and error, I
> think I can now say that 
> the support for modern USB modems under Linux is
> horrible!  It seems that 
> since the industry has started shipping V.92 modems,
> it has also moved to the 
> "controllerless" design and the Linux developers
> have not been able (or 
> motivated to) keep up.

Well, trying something to work could be desperating(?)
like formating your windows partition :D.

> Our goal this weekend (see thread "Help finding
> multi-modem capable USB modems 
> (willwrite HOWTO)") was to find at least one USB
> modem that would support 
> multiple modems running Hylafax under Linux
> (Mandrake 9.1).  To that end, we 
> purchased (and have now returned):
> Zoom 56K V.92 USB MiniFax Modem (Model 3090)
> U.S.Robotics 56K USB FaxModem (Model 5633A)
> Creative ModemBlaster V.92 USB (Sorry, didn't write
> down the model number: 
> here's the URL)
> This represents all of the USB modems available in
> the Tampa area at stores 
> open on the weekend :)
> I am now faced with a difficult decision.  Since I
> just ordered a very small 
> appliance-type (Micro-ITX) pc to drive this
> (assuming that some USB would 
> work), I would very much like to stick to USB.  The
> only major vendor I have 
> not tried (only because I could not find them
> locally) was Multitech.
> Multitech has two USB modems, the MutiMobile (which
> I highly doubt will work, 
> as it is a controllerless design) and the MultiModem
> USB, which MIGHT work, 
> given the success others on this list have had with
> Multitech products.
> Has anyone gotten the MultiModem USB to work with
> multiple modems under 
> Hylafax and Linux?  I am happy to overnight one in
> if I have any hope that it 
> will work (note the lack of faith here).  Otherwise,
> I will RMA the appliance 
> PC (minus 15% restock) and purchase a machine with
> 6PCI slots and drop in PCI 
> modems.

Well, resuming your email, it's strange that you
couldn't put the USR working, I remember a post in the
mailling list about a guy sucessfully working with a
bunch of them. But now I know what you pretend. On
EBay you can find multimodem cards from Comtrol
(Rocketport) very cheaper. But USB modems are a good
way too. About the Zaapa modems, I will check the
chipset manufacturer but I guess you would find info
downloading the drivers ;-). Maybe they sold to
another brand that you can find there.

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