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Re: [hylafax-users] Debian, Capi4Hylafax, next step

Hi Tobias,

>>><snip name="faxsend">
>>>sendfax -n -v -d 765353 /var/spool/hylafax/recvq/fax00001.tif
>>It seems, that faxsend is used. It should be c2faxsend.
>>Do you have an entry "SendFaxCmd:  /path_to_c2faxsend/c2faxsend" in your 
>>SPOOLDIR/etc/config file?
>>This tells HylaFAX to use c2faxsend instead of faxsend.
> Yeah, the file seems to be correct:
> <snip name="/var/spool/hylafax/etc/config">
> LogFacility:            daemon
> CountryCode:            49
> AreaCode:               6196
> LongDistancePrefix:     0
> InternationalPrefix:    00
> DialStringRules:        "etc/dialrules.europe"
> ServerTracing:  527
> ContCoverPage:  etc/cover.templ
> MaxSendPages:           30
> ModemGroup:             "any:."
> SessionTracing: 527
> SendFaxCmd:             /usr/local/bin/c2faxsend
> </snip>

OK, back to the roots.
You said, sending with c2faxsend from the command-line is OK.

Is sending with sendfax from the command-line also OK?

What does "but does not work, when i connect to hylafax through a 
windows-client." mean? Same result as with sendfax from the command-line?

What does the log state as error? May be you have to increase ServerTracing.


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